A Letter To My Younger Self

Hello, I am Sam

That’s my nickname. I am 26 years old. I live in Cairo, Egypt. I love expressing myself through words and photos, Hence the reason why I launched a personal blog.

My main goal is to find peace within myself and actually achieve peace in the world, the latter sounds impossible, but there are lots of people who at least try, and I want to be one of them.

I am a perfectionist which makes life tougher sometimes. Well, it is not about perfection anyway. It is about accepting, loving and being kind.

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Let your joy be in your journey — not in some distant goal.

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2014 – Present 


I founded Earthava five years ago. As time passes I saw Earthava ‘formerly known as SRE’ growing, I have learned a lot about renewable energy and the environment and I am currently studying environmental science to enhance my knowledge in the field.

I realized that achieving peace and safety for people and other creatures in every part of the world can be done by taking care of our environment and by harnessing renewable energy sources for generating electricity.

I love to help the world to live in a better place, Earthava helps me to achieve this goal. If we all live in a better environment, no one will have to suffer.

2018 – PRESENT


I decided to start blogging in 2018, I hesitated at the beginning, but as long as this job will help me improve, express myself and hopefully be able to make a positive impact in people’s life then why not.

With the help of my experiences in WordPress, and working online, I managed to put together My blogging style is a combination of my writing and my photography.



Alison: Diploma in environmental science


Cairo University: Bachelor’s Degree in Archaeology


UDEMY: Nutrition, Photography & Writing Course

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