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My name is Sam & I am on a journey of self-discovery and finding peace.

Follow along on my personal experiences, and read my other lame writings, oh and my photography as well. You will enjoy, won't you?

Tips, Advices, and lessons I have learned.
The daily thoughts about people, life and myself.
Short sentences that might occasionally rhyme, I don’t claim them to be poems.
Short stories which are created purely from my imagination.

الحياة في العزلة

الحياة في العزلة

لم اعد ارغب بالموت كما اعتاد في السابق، فليقبض الله روح متي شاء واين شاء لم اعد اباليفقد اعتاد الحياة بمحازنها وانكساراتها الدائمة، اعتادت علي الحزن فاصبح الفرح لي شي مخيف، بمجرد ظهوره يختفي في التو واللحظة  اعتادت علي لعب دور…