My Photography On An Eco-Friendly Wood Canvas.

Now you can add a unique touch to your home with my new eco-friendly wood canvas. There are two designs available which are photos I originally captured, one for the Baron Palace and the other for graffiti.

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Welcome to my blog

My name is Sam & I am on a journey of self-discovery and finding peace.

Follow along on my personal experiences, and read my other lame writings, oh and my photography as well. You will enjoy, won't you?

Tips, Advices, and lessons I have learned.
The daily thoughts about people, life and myself.
Short sentences that might occasionally rhyme, I don’t claim them to be poems.
Short stories which are created purely from my imagination.

Being no.50

Life is like an anime series, the fights get tougher with every season, the level of difficulty increases as you progress, but as a result, the anime characters also get stronger, they develop physically and mentally in order to match…