Fight For a Dream!

Should we chase our dreams and fight with all that we have? Or simply let them go?

It is been 25 years for me now on earth, and I have not yet known the answer to these questions. Maybe I will know the answer as I get older, maybe not.

Should I get a shortcut to the answer to my questions and just listen to people’s opinions who always advise to “chase and fight”? The thing is, I could not find this advice realistic enough for me to follow. Because life has other aspects that should be considered.

When I was younger I used to have many dreams with the full potential, Courage, and excitement to achieve them, we all did. We all used to daydream all day long about how happy we would be if we made our dreams come true. But as we were little kids we could not understand how tough life could be in adulthood.

Life is not a straight line leading from one blessing to the next and then finally to heaven. Life is a winding and troubled road. Switchback after switchback.

John Pipe.

Also, During the process of growing up, we lose some of our dreams. Because they either started to not make sense anymore or they were just difficult to achieve. Let’s face it, we can not be supermen nor superwomen…. unless you are born with a superpower.

Anyways, Few dreams only stay at the back of our minds that no matter how much we grow up or how much we change, They are still there swimming in our sea of thoughts.

As these few dreams stay in my heart and my mind throughout the years. I decided to do whatever I can to actually achieve them.

In fact, It was only one dream. I depended my life on it. For me, it was a do-or-die goal. I did not have the philosophy of plan B.

As I was trying and as years were passing by, I went nowhere. It felt like running in a circle. It was not a road full of rocks, It was a circle that no matter what I do, I find myself back at the starting point.

Did I want it? Yes. Was I ready to do anything for it? Yes. Then what was the problem?

Chasing my dream started to affect me physiologically, I no longer had the power to fight for it every day.

Definitely, something was wrong, I could not fix it because it was out of my control. I had issues in my life that stopped me from thinking clearly and stopped me from focusing on that dream alone. I became confused, frustrated, and stressed out that whenever I went back to “chase and fight” I could not feel well mentally nor physically.

Is it right to give up on my dream?

The answer was often: “No, it is wrong.”  This answer alone stressed me because I felt a sense of failure. And it is the last thing anyone wants to feel.

Am I making excuses?

The answer was often: “Yes you are. Losers are the ones who make excuses.”

Clearly, my mind was the thing that always answered these questions, and it was tough on me, Tough as much as it can be. I felt lost without knowing what I can do.

I gave up.

As I was drawing in the sea, God sent a boat to save me and brought me to the shore. It sounds cliche but it is what exactly happened.

Yes, I was fighting through the years for my dream, but God planned a Plan B for me, without me even realizing it. It took me a long time to be aware of it, Take it for granted, and later be grateful for it. 

I still feel sad at times that I could not pursue my lifetime dream, But I am grateful that I was saved by another.

Also, I came to realize and accept one thing, People have many dreams, they will get to achieve some but not all of them. Even the most successful ones who pursue their dreams. There must be in their life a single dream or multiple ones that they could not “chase and fight” to make it come true.

Now, I am at a point in my life where I need to do more of what I love, to focus on what I have and work on it. No time to just center my attention at the things I have lost, or the dream I could not achieve.

But the question is still not yet answered, Chase and fight? Or let go?

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  • Dan
    October 17, 2018 at 9:41 pm

    Wonderful:) so glad you found a place to document your thoughts. I will enjoy reading these as long as you keep posting.

    • Assmaa Almaairgy
      October 17, 2018 at 11:18 pm

      It was a relatively long one this time. Thank you for reading through it, and for your support. 🙂

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