I Talked To God Last Night

I talked to God last night
It has been a while
I can’t remember when was the last time
He represented himself inside of my heart
Talk, cry, express, scream
He was there for me
I looked up at the sky
And through the movement of the clouds
I felt his presence glides
I started with God
I know you will listen carefully to me
I said through the tears
I talked and talked 
And suddenly I felt the need to end my speech
He said you are safe now 
I felt fulfilled
I felt a sensation of a mint in my chest  
Then I stopped crying
That was it 
It felt so rewarding and great
You should have come to me
In your time of need
In your time when you are lost 
I will easily guide you through 
You were restless
You have always resisted your soul
It wanted to come back to its creator 
To feel guided and whole

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