It Is Not Good Enough

What you are doing still does not meet the standards.
Your effort is inadequate, it is causing more harm than good.
You think you are doing your best, but in fact; it is not enough.
You could not act smarter to save a life, 
you could not behave judiciously to retain someone.
You are no longer welcomed in other people’s life, 
nor you are offering much to make them hold onto you.
You think you are doing your best but in fact, it does not meet the expectations.

You could be wrong, they could be right.
You are drained in your ocean of stress, 
While on the other side, souls are drowning
waiting for you to save them.
but you are drained, or you take that as an excuse
to not to go the extra mile.
You stood still because you were slothful.
You stuck to them, but they did not like it.

They left.
You were blamed. 
They were disrespectful. 
You were defeated.
Being nice does not solve the schism 
Because whatever you are doing is either damaging
or not good enough.

You began to hate it.
You began to hate being you.
You gave up.
On life
On people
On yourself.

After you have witnessed a sparkle that made you gain hope, 
it faded in no time.
And you fully gave up.

I give up.
But I am forced to live with myself 
To continuing living
And the cycle will repeat itself 
Over and over.

It will make you dissatisfied. 
Nothing is pleasing.
And you will keep on thinking 
That you are not competent
Because you could not be strong enough to save a soul. 

You are overthinking
It could be all in your mind.

The soul you could not save will be waiting for you on the other side.
The people you could not please won’t matter.
And you, you are the heart and the mind
with all the fire
that lit up in your veins
That makes you think you are still not good enough
because you could not save a life.

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