Talk To Yourself

When no one is around
When you don’t feel like talking 
But you need to
Talk to yourself 

As if it is your best friend 
Your partner
Or your mother
Talk to it

Without putting pressure on 
Another human being
Without being secretly judged
By another human being
Without being fully listened 
By another human being

When you talk to yourself
You don’t have to open your mouth
Or move your tongue in order to talk
It is all inside of you
Heart and mind conversation 
In a language that nobody would understand 
It is between you and yourself

Talk to it about 
The nightmares you have every night
The trauma you go through after every catastrophic event
With its followed attacks of fast and irregular heartbeats
And about the tears, you unexpectedly shed in a café

Just spit it out
Ask it what to do
Regarding life, regarding feelings
You might come up with advice
You might discover a thing or two
That will help you go on
And dodge the fire
That is lit up around you

Talk to yourself
Just like the movie scene
Where the character split into two halves 
They start talking to each other
They think
They come up with an idea
And they reach a conclusion 
You might too.

Tell it about 
Your anger
Your fears
Your insecurities
Your weaknesses 

Tell it
When they give up on you
When they no longer are around

Tell it about
Your hopes
Your desires
Your dreams
Your powerful abilities 

Tell it
When they support you
When they hug you

Admit when you did wrong
And when you hurt

Admit when you did right
And when you fix

In the end
It might turn out for the best
It might turn out for the best 
Has it ever turned out for the best?

Talk To Yourself
What was this camel wandering about?
I took this photo on one of the historical sites on an educational trip back when I was in college.
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