Lacking Creativity, Seeking Inspiration

We get inspired so we create.
A moment when you are left alone.
A mind with a deep black hole.
Everyday routine, No inspiration.
The inability to create a piece of art.
The deepness of your feelings.
The greatness of your thoughts.
All is not enough to create a piece of art.

Lacking the vocabularies. Losing the rhythm.
But the need to write more
is hunting you everywhere you go.
The paper, the pen, and the splendid words
are fading and missing from your world.

Healing is in starting.
How to start?
An idea is not found.
It is an empty mind.
External inspiration is needed.
The internal one is burned down.

Sadness is the source of creation.
Tears are the tool of satisfaction.
Depression expands your dimensions.
Hurtful moments cause a destruction
that dresses your mind with an obsession,
and with a new source of an innovation.

Happy moments, Lost in them.
Laughter confuses the thoughts.
No wondering about the universe.
Laughing at a silly joke.
No wondering about the universe.
Happiness, it Lacks the force
to initiate a new storm.
A storm of the splendid words.

Grasses, trees, and even a whole forest
The meh is life at its worst.
It is not when you are not at your best.
A brain that consists of only a crust.
Nothing inside, it can be easily crushed.
A mind that is connected to a heart.
Four rooms full of emptiness, with no blood.
The meh is when you feel nothing. Nothing at all.
A hollow body that doesn’t form a shadow under the sun.

Does happiness control you?
Does sadness take over?
Does feeling nothing at all
make you lost in the ocean?

Extrinsic, Intrinsic.
The want and the need.
One without the other.
Is not satisfying your greed.
Have both, you become free.
Extrinsic, Intrinsic.
The creation and the inspiration
are all you seek.

Intrinsic is stronger.
Extrinsic is the helper.
The latter motivates the first
to rise up at the surface.

Lacking the creation of something.
Seeking inspiration from nothing.
You are the outer space.
The stars and everything.
it is not enough to create a piece of art.

Except for him.
A well that dug
to get underground fresh water
in joy and grief.
He was a masterpiece.
And all you need.

Lacking creativity.
Seeking inspiration.
to god
Your sorrows
will inspire you
but, Laughters
may find you…

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