4 Bloggers’ Stereotypes I Have Witnessed

The whole issue does not bother nor make angry in any mean. As usual, I take it as an inspiration so I thought to write about it to further clarify things.


After I have started my own blog to embrace my hobbies besides my main business, I begin to identify myself as a blogger, because I find it easier and simpler to understand instead of telling that I am the founder of an online-based environmental business or a business owner (people might question this)

Therefore whenever someone asks me the famous question “what do you do?”. I often respond with “I am a blogger”.

I actually don’t bother much to explain my main job, and also because people often ask me on the go, I found that answering with I am a blogger is much more hassle-free.

But, there is something I noticed whenever I say that I am a blogger. I get the same responses every time.

  • OMG, Show me your pictures.
  • Oh, you are a fashion blogger, 
  • Show me your pictures. (actually over and over)
  • Are you internet famous?
  • Are you a YouTuber? 

Well, Let’s break down every response 

Show Me Your Photos

I thought blogging is to write not to take selfies and photos of myself.

  • I only love to write and take pictures of my surroundings nothing to do with me nor taking photos of myself.

And the response, oh I see… 

Well, it seems that I disappoint them every time. 

It would be a huge extra if I have photos of myself but again it is not the main thing, words to me are the main thing or at least what I think blogging is about.

Let’s ask for google help and see what blogging actually means

4 Bloggers' Stereotypes I Have Witnessed
4 Bloggers’ Stereotypes I Have Witnessed

So writing is the pillar, images come next.

Blogs are not Instagram to be only about photos, blog posts are words combined with one or a few pictures to further demonstrate the topic you are writing about.

People become obsessed with the visual and don’t bother much with words or 1000+ words blog posts.

Don’t get me wrong, I love photos and if I have the opportunity to publish photos of myself I will definitely welcome the idea, but again photos only don’t make me a blogger, words do.

And back to Instagram, I am aware of where these types of responses I get are coming from since Instagram added the business profile feature, users begun identifying their accounts sometimes as (blogger or personal blog) whilst they don’t actually have a blog or they have, but with dozens of pictures with only one paragraph in one post at a time.

Everyone is absolutely free to do whatever they want since the options are available but again it is creating stereotypes among people that blog means pictures, not words.

And it could be hurting real bloggers.

Are You a Fashion Blogger?

Being a female and a blogger does not make me automatically a fashion blogger.

Fashion is a category among so many other categories in blogging, it is not fair to confine all the topics of blogging into fashion alone.

Are You Famous?

There are lots of bloggers who are doing a tremendous effort making huge amounts of money and yet still unknown.

Take Kris Gunners as an example!

So no, I am not popular.

Are You a YouTuber?

Blog does not equal vlog.

I know video makers in the past used to be called bloggers so I am aware of the source of the question, but the word vlog is now invented and used to differentiate video creators from bloggers.

In Conclusion 

So there you go, now there are stereotypes among bloggers.

It seems that answering with “I am a blogger” is not easier as I thought it would be, I felt defeated at times whenever I responded to them and let them face the truth about myself that no I don’t have photos nor videos nor fame, I only have my words, which makes me think that I do not seem valid to them.

  • No, I only write, and photograph nature occasionally.
  • Oh, okay. 

So should I go back to saying my main job?

Should I say “I am a writer.” 

but I am not a writer, I am a… blogger!

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