When you have to explain yourself so you can survive
You have done it in the past, but you could not even hear your own voice
You use all of your energy to be heard and to let yourself revive
Still, you were not valid. It was their choice.
You raised your voice; you use your hands, your face to express 
To let them hear you, and then you asked what have I done less?
Then you grew up with a high-pitched voice
And now as an adult, you ask, was I loud?
Yes, you were, that was a noise
A flashback to your childhood: their ears were covered by clouds
And you wanted to be heard, so you continue to raise your voice
The adult wanted to change, wanted to tone it down
Erasing the childhood dilemma with a new life takes years
You might hit then miss and miss some more until you drown
Drown and die, or drown and survive, the ocean is right down here
For you to try
For you to cry
Until you find a way, you will leave your words unsaid
Until you find a way, you will give up on expressing yourself
You will go home and lie on your own bed
Then leave your own words on the shelf
For god to find
For god to heal
You will look at the sky and say
I can only be heard by you
You, the one who knows

Inside a water cup.
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