10 Effortless Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Feel Better

In a million years, we would have never thought 2020 to be the way it is now, but it is our reality, and in everything we go through we try to make the best out of it. Although we have the urge to feel frustrated, sad, or hopeless during these times, that is fine.

We should allow ourselves to embrace our feelings no matter how good or bad they are because I believe every feeling is a positive feeling we just have to not let ourselves swim in the ocean of depression forever and let the tides throw us wherever they want.

We have to train ourselves to find a middle ground and let our minds and body relax.

That’s why I am writing this article today because I believe these tips can help you in your rough times to make it last a little shorter, to eliminate the negative effects of them, and to take them as a starting point to resume your life cheerfully again.

These things will not only help you in the quarantine but also in your day-to-day life.

Play/Read Verses From Your Holy Book

Make a daily habit of opening your holy book and reading some verses or playing them on your phone or computer, it can help you make your terrible days better.

By connecting yourself to God’s words, to take wisdom from them, to know what God is trying to advise you with today, and to just listen or read carefully, all can calm your soul, and make you feel secure in the hands of God.

Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah. Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured.

Ar-Ra’d 13-28. The Noble Qur’an.


It is proven that listening to your favorite music can lighten up your mood, not only listening but also singing along with it, it can help relieve stress. And I know you probably can’t sing but singing even if quietly without disturbing anyone around can do wonders in releasing the negative charges in your body and also act as a way of expressing yourself which all work together to make you feel a lot better.

Talk To Your Friends/Family/Stranger 

Talking to someone who understands your feelings may have the power to ease the burdens you constantly hold on your shoulders, they might give you a good insight or another way around to think of your problems, they may suggest a way to get out of them, or they may just listen, and having someone who cares about what you have to say is enough to make you feel lighter.

Speaking with someone about people, life, or even having a joke and laugh, can be a brilliant way to lift yourself up, both of you would have a pleasurable time you will always remember. It is a win-win.


The many scientific evidences around exercising are existing to prove how much impactful working out is on your physical and mental health.

Working out is not only focused on the health of your body and the immune system but also it makes you stress-free and also fights depression.

Because you are using the energy in your body and put to good use, therefore after finishing you get a sense of accomplishment which helps in raising your self-esteem level and get you going through the day.

Exercising is unlimited and flexible. You can do whatever you love, you can do yoga, cardio, weightlifting whether at home or in a gym. The options here are infinite and you get to discover what you love and even set personal fitness goals. That way you ensure you got better and better over time.

Avoid Too Much Social Media & Know How To Use It

Too much of social media can make you self question yourself, your abilities, your self-worthiness, looking at all these perfect pictures of people can sometimes make you overthink, reading through all the different things people write, sometimes it can either make you think less of yourself or judge people without even knowing.

These are all bad approaches to take with one’s mind. You have to be aware of them and learn when to pause.

No harm in using social media, but only at a modern rate. Learn how to conceive everything you see or read, use it to support other people, and to spread the love.

You can express your opinions there, but only when you have enough evidence to support them, and most importantly be responsible out there.

Let him who believes in Allah and the Last Day speak good, or keep silent; 

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Lastly, It is easy to find yourself picking up the phone and look at your accounts. So if your screen times on social media apps are high; I recommend you to uninstall the one you use the most, replace the time you spent on this particular app with doing another thing.

Pretend if there’s no internet what would you have done instead?

Do Something You Enjoy – Discover Something You Would Enjoy

Remember where I said you have to replace your habit of checking your phone to another one, yes?

That’s one this tip comes into play, embracing the hobbies you buried deep inside of you throughout the years. Think of when you were a kid, what did you love to do? Dig for these talents and hobbies and bring them back to the surface.

If you tell me “but I don’t think I have any talents or hobbies,” that is when you have to rediscover yourselves, maybe you think you don’t love reading but if you pick up a book and read you might be obsessed with the hobby later, you might think guitar is hard but if you get one to play with and learn on it, you would have found it lots of fun.

You have to give yourself a chance; you have to stop blocking yourself from the things you might love and be very good at.

Give yourself an opportunity to at least try, and if something doesn’t work, try again if you really can’t love it, move on to another thing, that is a crucial part of discovering ourselves.

Go For A Walk Without Your Earphones 

It is tempting to just throw in your earphones and go about the streets, but try to give them a break and just go for a walk around your area preferably early in the morning before it got busy or if you live in an area where it is calm, you can go anytime you want, the key here is going for the walk while listening to the sound of nature, the breeze, the birds, the movements of trees, and so on.

It will help you connect with nature and this acts as a brilliant way to release the tension in your body, relax and become in peace with yourself and with the outside world.

You will also be clearing your ears from the unpleasant sound you might hear throughout the day like car horns, TVs, or useless background noises.


I don’t know if there is a solid scientific evidence on this one, but back in the day, I watched a video that talked about the benefits of grounding; it is again a way of connecting to the mother nature but instead of listening; you are now touching the ground barefoot.

Find a garden where you can walk in it without shoes on, yeah your feet will get dirty, but you can always wash them later.

That is the point of the whole grounding to reconnect yourself to the universe after you have become isolated from it.

Maybe that is the reason why people love going to the beach and that is a piece of good evidence.

People’s bare bodies touching the sand and the sea, they become all connected to the earth; they are discharging themselves from the negatives ions that are trapped inside their bodies; it makes them feel relaxed, free of tension, and the stress of their daily lives. It makes them more hopeful and content.

Offer Help

This tip works every time, it can help you raise your self-worthiness by making you feel that you are valued through doing an important rule to help your society and the world.

By offering help you not only making yourself a favor but also to the world especially if you are seeing the positive impact of your help and how such a minor act of kindness can turn people’s or animals’ lives for the best.

Feed homeless animals, help homeless people, not just the homeless, offer help to everyone who is in need without getting anything in return.

Reward Yourself

Have you been neglecting yourself lately? Have you always been putting yourself next? thinking of what people need and work to make their wishes come true is very noble. But don’t forget yourself along the way.

Treat yourself, reward yourself here and there. Buy the items you always left there in your online carts.

Treat yourself with something good, take a day off at home, cook a delightful meal, pamper yourself, find a good book to read, take a day off and go to the places you have always wanted to go to.

It is not selfish to have a me-time. Giving back to people does not mean you are not allowed to also give back to yourself.

To Sum Up

There you have a list of 10 things you can do to make yourself feel better. Would you consider starting doing them? Have you already been doing some?

Do you have different approaches when it comes to lifting up your mood? I am happy to hear, Comment them down below.

10 Effortless Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Feel Better
Make Yourself Feel Better; Capture a photo. Roman building in Alexandria, Egypt. May 2nd, 2015.

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