The black & White Story: You One More Time

Part 1. The Black & White Story: You Again.

She hoped that every day is a curfew day; she seemed to like those quiet days with no car horns, no one walking around whatsoever. Though she enjoyed those curfew days by looking from her window, she never thought of going out, but the necessity at one evening required to go out to do some duties. 

Riding her bicycle never seemed as peaceful as it is now, the streets were silky smooth, the bicycle almost felt like flying, crossing the streets without bother looking, and all she heard with the sound of the sky, the slow wind, and the movement of trees.

After she had finished she decided to stop by the market to buy some food, and as always she forgot to grab a cart, she had to hold all the stuff to her chest hoping they never fall.

And just like in movies, the typical scene where the actress crashed into some kind of random guy, way too cliche to be believed, but she found herself as she was looking at the shelf crushing into a guy, but not a random guy, one she knew so well.

  • Oh, I am sorry
  • Why you are apologizing? I am the one who crashed into you; I am sorry. I was not paying attention!

She smiled to the fact that she knows him, and glad that she met him again.

As he was collecting her goodies, she could not take her eyes off him. History keeps repeating itself in the funniest way possible. She was wearing the same outfit she wore when she first saw him, and he as well, same place and the same month only with the difference in years.

He handed her her food; she thanked him; she smiled to trap the tears inside her eyes, then she said bye and turn the other way, in a split second he grabbed her elbow and turned her to face him.

  • Wait!!

She looked at her elbow then at him, shocked. He eventually let go of her hand, raising both of his hands to express an apology. 

  • Hey, I am sorry; I did not mean to touch you that way, but I knew you. You are the same girl, right?
  • Correct!

She did not wish for anything but to through herself in his arms, and to rest on his chest to numb the pain inside of her by feeling his heartbeat.

The tears escaped her eyes, uncontrollably they flew as heavy rains. She wiped her with her hand.

Seeing him again triggered the conflicts in her, how messed up she thought her life was, how messed she really was when she first met him and most importantly the feeling she had right after he had left her in the cafe that day, she almost made sure that what she was feeling towards him was not mutual, it was just an illusion, a mirage, and it left her devastated.

He rested his hand on her shoulder.

  • What’s wrong? I did not know I was scary though, with that white hair and all.

She smiled as the tears flew.

  • It is okay; I have a tissue, let me wipe those tears.

She felt his gentle hand on her face, his dedication to wiping every single drop on her skin. She loved every single second of it.

  • Is it okay to accompany you to your home, I want to make sure you are all right.

She glad he did not ask her why she was crying, it was like he did not need much explanation; it was like he understood it all.

  • Okay, but first, I have to pay for this stuff; she said with a smile.
  • You got that right; he winked!

As they went outside the market, he took the bags to hold them himself.

  • It is okay I can hold them myself; they are not heavy.
  • Oh, come on, I am saving the heavy ones for you to hold in the future.

In the future.

She laughed, he did not show his sense of humor before that, but she understood that he was just trying to lighten up her mode.

As they were walking home, she felt his halo beside her; she fought the urge to walk so close to him; she wished to go inside of his head to know what was going on with that whole thing, she hated to seem desperate; she hated to feel something that is not mutual.

Sadness collapsed on her mind, her thoughts went around and around never mercified her “He is just trying to help, he is just feeling sorry for you, you are nothing but a little desperate girl, You should not have cried.”

Eventually, she regretted the crying part, she never cried in public, she never liked people’s attention, nor people to feel sorry for her. As she was lost in her thoughts, his voice invaded the madness that was occurring inside her brain.

  • Is everything okay?
  • Yeah!
  • I don’t know; You have gone quiet for a while.
  • No, I am sorry I did not mean to. I am really thankful for your help, you honestly did not have to…

As the streets were dark with zero humans, he suddenly grabbed her to him and hugged her as tight as he possibly can. In a split second, she found herself in another world, in another dimension.

She couldn’t feel her body, it took her few seconds to gain her conscious back, tears streaming now, wetting his shirt, she felt his face buried in her neck. She wished for that to last forever. She hoped he never let go until she gets enough of him.

Physical and emotional sensations built up inside of her. As he slowly raised his face to meet her eyes. His face was getting closer to hers, she did not know that shyness could strike her that strongly; He kissed her cheek and met her eyes again.

  • It all happened on the first day I saw you. When my eyes first landed on you, I felt something; I felt you.

She was at loss of her words.

  • When I met you at the cafe the second time, I was trying so hard to hold myself together, in front of you, I wasn’t able to know what should I do, I only founded myself saying goodbye and leaving.

She listened and thought now at this very moment she felt like flying she did not know whether if she is sad or happy; she comforted him by spreading her hand on his chest as she continued to listen.

  • And as I was collecting your stuff from the ground I thought, ‘Now, I don’t want to let go of her not anymore,” and as I saw the tears streaming down your face, I knew I should never ever leave you again.

She hugged him; he hugged her back. Then he walked her home, the first goodbye was the hardest but at least now they knew they are together, they would talk, and share everything in their life, destiny kept bringing them together for a reason, they needed each other, so none of them would have to fight alone.

An unusual happy ending of a day in her life, she hoped for nothing now but to be with him and fight thought life by his side in the ups and the downs.

But will love be enough?

The black and White Story: You One More Time.
I haven’t directly looked into your eyes, but I’ve felt you. I accidentally took this photo in one of those curfew evenings.
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