50 Facts About Me

Very cliche and an old trend that I believe has first appeared on YouTube which is mentioning 5o facts about oneself. I’ve decided to give it a go, because why not?

I hope I will not bore you to death but here it is a list of 50 facts about me.


  • Birthday

I was born on the 8th of May. I was always believing that I was born on 5th until a few years earlier, my mother told me I was born on 8th, not 5th. (Not that it matters)

  • Zodiac Sign

Being born on 8th May makes me a Taurus. It is known for the overflowing emotions and sensitivity, which is a wonderful thing, but not in every situation.

  • Nationality

I am a proud Egyptian. Although I have never done a DNA test to know my origins, according to the assumptions, I am Egyptian with little Greek origins.

  • My Name Meaning 

My name is Assmaa, which is an Arabic name, means highness and beauty.

  • My Nickname

It is Sam; I have not come up with this nickname myself. One of my past friends saved my number on his phone under the name Sam, I asked why? he said because he had a few ones who had the same name, so he wanted to distinguish me. By then, I was always being called Sam by some people.

  • I have one sibling 

An older brother and his name is Ahmed.

  • I have Five Cats

In order from older to younger: Myles, Buto, Doppy, A’ta, and Politoed. They are not just pets; they are my little kids. (wow this phase rhymed)

  • Color theme

I prefer sticking to a color theme when it comes to clothing, and I try to apply this color theme wherever I can.

Main: Black, all grey shades, white.

Accent: Mostly Pink, blue, and nudes.

  • Lanagauge

I speak Arabic fluently, as it is my first language, my second is English and I know a little French. (I am in the process of forgetting it because I don’t practice, Oh Mon Dieu!!)


  • Working Out

I don’t know if I can consider this a hobby, but it is one thing that I enjoy doing, it makes me feel good about myself physically and mentally.

  • Reading

I am always reading, whether books or just simple articles online.

  • Writing 

That is one hobby I have not discovered about myself until a few years back. I find it a brilliant way to express my thoughts and feelings.

  • Photography 

Also, one hobby which I discovered at a very young age, I was always taking photos on my mobile phone, then I bought one of those compact cameras, and until now I am still eager to get my first Professional Camera, well… Nah not so much now, I am happy to take photos I don’t think I need those professional bulky DSLR cameras.

  • Guitar

I started practicing guitar earlier in 2019, everything was going well until the lessons got very tough and I could not keep up, I hope I can get back to it soon.


  • Bachelor in Archaeology 

I graduated in the faculty of archaeology, Egyptology department in 2015, I enjoyed my studies there, though I always believe that I could not make the best out of it.

  • Diploma in environmental Science

I took this course online, fun fact I was like 90% done with it, I was always procrastinating to complete the remaining 10%.

Now, when I decided to go and complete it, I found out the course has been closed. (they did inform it was self-paced. Bummer!)

  • Udemy Courses

I used Udemy to get more information and experiences in the things I love to do them properly, I have completed writing and photography, fashion illustration course.

  • Diploma In English and literature

I loved it; it added a lot to my knowledge in the English language along with learning additional things in literature. Studying poems and plays,

  • Now Studying

Now I am on studying a course about sustainability and climate change.


  • I have never had a job

Yup, you read that right; I have never had a proper job in a company where you go there 5 times a week. 8 hours a day or maybe more. I guess having a job does not resonate well with who I am.

  • I have my Renewable/Environment/Sustainability business 

Rather, I prefer being my boss; I launched my company Earthava 8 years ago now, and I am hoping to make a positive impact on the world.

  • Blogger

Blogging was the only way I would use to express myself and practice my hobbies, mainly wiring and photography, I am enjoying it so far.


  • Realistic

I look not only at the half-full but also at the half-empty of the cup; I look at both. Things most of the time have to be Logical and identical to reality in order for me to believe them, especially in day-to-day situations.

  • Introvert 

I have always been; I am not the best in communicating with people, though I might appear otherwise, but deep inside it always drains my energy. I always prefer to live inside my bubble, away and safe. I feel I am missing out a lot in life because of this.

  • Overthinker

I overthink everything, even the simplest things, every word I said, and every action I did, creating thoughts with no origins and overthink even more.

  • Naive

I tried to change this about myself, but I have failed. Not that being naïve is bad, it just does not fit with today’s world. I am not a person who sees through someone’s words and gives sick intentions of what they mean behind their talking, I just take things they way they are, but I always try to be cautious.

  • Minimalist 

There is no point in owning things I don’t use, there is no point in buying things just for the fun of it. That is my approach. Though I am not an extreme minimalist, I am to some degree. 

All the things I own, I use daily. Which gives a sense of calmness to my soul.

  • Sensitive

What might seem normal for some people is enough to collapse me into tears and sadness for days. 


  • Favorite Singer

Elena Torna, she is a veritable goddess.

  • Favorite Song

Sinking Inside Yourself By Hammock.

  • Favorite Author

Chuck Palahniuk.

  • Favorite Book

Girl In Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow.

  • Movie Series

Harry Potter.

  • Favourite Sportsman

Roger Federer.


  • Surprises

‘I have a surprise for you.’

Say this and it will turn to be the most anxious thing you will ever say to me, I am aware it should sound exciting, not worrying, but my anxiety acts up if someone tells me that.

  • Gifts

Though I would appreciate them sincerely, I never enjoyed being gifted on any occasion unless it is truly meaningful and special ones.

  • Owning Things I don’t use

That takes me back to why I hate gifts because most of the gifts I received ended up in the cupboard or wherever they are. And it is one thing that irritates and drive me crazy, I don’t like storing something that I don’t use; I am always decluttering by donating or selling the things that have no use for me; I got so obsessed to declutter, that I get rid of some stuff and later on I found out I needed them.

  • Phone Calls

If you are planning to call me, we have to make sure that our call doesn’t get past a minute. I hate phone calls; they drain me from the inside out, especially lengthy ones. 

  • Sound of Chewing

I guess I am not the only one. Many people got angry or irritated by hearing someone chewing, very common I believe.

  • Flirting With no reason

If you have just known me and basically we are having our first conversations, then you flirted, you are going to push me off, and it gives some red flags on the person I am talking to.

And I don’t like empty flirting either. Like if I tell you you look neat today, it is because in my eyes you truly are. I prefer the truth and words that come not only out of the mouth but also from deep inside.

  • Drama

Please, can you not?


  • Transparency

We live in a world where everyone hides who they are or their true intentions. It would be much better if we are all transparent with one another.

  • Admitting Mistakes

I respect those who are mindful of their actions and are brave enough to apologize whenever they did something wrong. 

  • Friendliness 

Oh, I love those people, tho I get jealous of them sometimes, People who are friendly to all their surroundings, the ones who have this quality in their nature, look attractive, and they are lovable and has a good reputation among their circle along with people who barely know them. You can’t mention them without saying lovely things. 


  • Move to England

I would love to live there even for a little while, I like the streets, houses and the system, it is so sophisticated and I am in love.

  • Own some plants

Though the space at home does not allow having many plants especially big ones, I want at least to own one of these little plants that can be put anywhere; I want to care for another creature.

  • Live in my own house

I would love to have my own house, decorate it in the way I love, create the most soothing atmosphere for it, and have it in the most calming district. 


  • I can’t drive nor do I own a car

Yeah, I could not wait to grow up to drive my car, but then the issue, as simple as it seemed, has become so complicated, I got a driving lesson; I did well, but there was something that stopped me, that made me hate it, and this hate developed motion sickness.

Will I get to drive someday? 

  • I still have braces on

Please, when is it going to be over?


  • Professional Tennis Player

Yes, As a child since I accidentally first saw a tennis match on tv, I told myself “Yes, that is what I want to be, a professional tennis player.” Life threw me right and left until the passion and the determination in me gone and I could not make it.

Still, this dream lives in me, a sensation runs through my body whenever I imagine myself winning a grand slam, but it is all about moving forward now, and being realistic, maybe God has directed me into something that is more rewarding and fits me better.

I am on my journey to find out.

I love being a blogger and Environmentalist now; it is definitely fulfilling, and I am blessed to be.

I wonder if you have made it to the end; I salute you for being interested enough to read the full post. I hope it wasn’t boring. 

The End!

50 Facts About Me
Another important fact about me is that I can see myself in my water reflection. (Science Y’all)

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