A Day At The Museum

Date: 30th of November.
Place: Egyptian Museum.

  • Hi.
  • Hello.
  • What is your name?

Nothing is more terrible than feeling lonely in the most beloved and closest place to your heart. That is how she always feels whenever she visits the museum. The more she goes there, the lonelier she gets.

Emotions and memories are hunting her in every corner, every cabinet and wherever she stands or sits. Though it is tough for her to handle the storm inside her and to fight back against her tears to not fall on her cheeks, she loves to go there. There is something in the ancient pieces and long history that attracts, inspires, and brings her to a peaceful state of mind.

But loneliness is following her, Nothing can satisfy nor fulfill.

  • Nice to meet you.
  • Nice to meet you too.

She would shift her vision away sometimes to the different people from all around the world that are actually around her. The Asians, Europeans, Americans, Arabs, and Egyptians. She contemplates them, looks into their eyes and smells them if they are close enough. The harsh and the nice version of herself show up and start to judge them. Sounds toxic.

She stopped herself right away and shifted her mind again into another way of thinking.

This piece of gold was created thousands of years ago and it is still here, still alive. The age of it is scary, it lived more than any human or any other creatures have lived, but it is no longer as strong as the way it used to be. one touch is enough to destruct it.

The gold necklace which is full of colorful symbols, It is definitely one of the most iconic piece of jewelry in the world. Not only because of the quality of the gold or the quality of the colors that have been used but also for how many years it passed through and lived.

Conversely, The more someone lives, the less valuable they become. She wondered.

  • Where are you from?
  • I am Egyptian.

10 thousand steps inside the museum. The narrow corridors, the wide stairs, and the low-light rooms. Just like her mind, It lacks the light on both sides of her brain, they have wide passages that only filled with emptiness, and what connects them are very narrow bridges which make it hard to cross from one side to another.

Steles are her favorite. The inscriptions, colors, and drawings on them are fascinating. Unlike us recording history on paper, through videos or by capturing photos, they recorded their history on those steles. Writing down the words and picturing the scene of a specific event on this granite stone. They were keen to keep their history alive and they did.

  • What do you think about the life we are living?
  • I am not a philosopher, but all I know is that life can surprise you in many different ways.

She needed a rest after the 10 thousand steps, She shifted her thinking to herself, The monster she has become. Eye contact could be a sign to show her that she is worthy, but it is still not enough. Temporary Satisfaction.

Or a skin contact with a complete stranger in the entrance of one of the low light rooms, Skin barely touch. Electricity.

But the shadow of him is everywhere,
she sees him in every person.
How she will be able to move on.
While he is everywhere.

She started to wonder about how desperate she has become. Losing control to the swing. A swing that made her go back and forth aggressively. Is life a swing or is swing a life?

  • Does it surprise you?
  • Negatively more than positively.

Entering the mummies room, The most mysterious even the scariest for some. Looking at all these dead people who were once kings and queens. Contemplating their faces and what is left from their bodies. They were alive someday in the past ruling KMT, now they are stored in these cabinets in specific conditions. The one who died during the fighting for the land, the screaming one who was poisoned and the one who died because of a serious illness. They are all equal here for people in the present to watch them.

Every time she enters the room, she begins to wonder about the concept of time itself and how it can make a drastic change in our life. How it makes her smile sarcastically sometimes when good things happen at the wrong time. How it can change people from kings and queens to just bodies covered with linen sheets. But they are definitely valuable bodies because they resemble history. Will she resemble history? Will she be valuable?

  • Grateful?
  • Yes, I am.

She made her way to the Exist, She took the last glance at the walls, monuments, and people. She went to see her favorite statue first before leaving. she contemplated it then left the building. She sat in the park outside and pulled out T.S Eliot Poems from her bag. Lost in the poems.

So I would have had him leave,
So I would have had her stand and grieve,
So he would have left
As the soul leaves the body torn and bruised,
As the mind deserts the body it has used.
I should find
Some way incomparably light and deft,
Some way we both should understand,
Simple and faithless as a smile and shake of the hand.

T. S. Eliot, La Figlia che Piange.
  • Why are you looking at me like that?
  • It is tough to see your eyes and not look into them like that, I think I will never get enough, but I must go now. Bye Queen!

Negatively more than positively. Loneliness hunted her one more time, A tear left her left eye as the cold breeze was hitting her skin. She waved a goodbye to the shadow of him, hoping that she would let go someday.

She won’t, She will be back again and see this splendid architecture over and over again.

An ancient soul that is attracted to the old life, the old-fashioned way of life while it is living the modern one. A soul that is addicted to its sweet memories, It will keep on rewinding them and will keep on trying to relive them.

She went out and away from the museum. Walking to the bus station. Going home. Traffic and cold. Lights and roads. wind and silent groans. Music and earphones. Goosebumps.

Hopefully, she will find a way back to her soul.
I hope she finds a way back to her soul.

P.S: As you may have noticed, I used the word “KMT” in this story so I thought to explain what is it. KMT: is the name of the country that was used by the ancient Egyptians which is now called Egypt. Kmt in ancient Egyptian language means The Black or the Dark Land. It is said to be called that way because of its dark fertilized soil.

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