The Farewell Poem

The thoughts of you are running after me, 
Dreams about you disturb my sleep,
I want to text; I know it is been a long, but are you okay?
Thoughts are telling me you have something to say

I have gone
You liked it
I have left
You never minded it

I want to shut down these thoughts instead of taking action
I want to protect my subconscious from your dream’s infection
Nothing will be changed. Nothing will magically transform 
It is already broken, it is already demolished, it is already torn

I called you by mistake
Fu*k no, My head ache
Hey, you meant it or it was unintentionally?
I never replied 
I guess I am breaking down gradually

Life feels miserable while I am still holding on to the past
The future is always coming, while the present won’t last
I want to free myself from your thoughts before I explode
I want to free myself from your dreams before I erode

You promised me you’ll never leave
You did
I promised myself I’ll never feel
I did

Now, I have to convince myself that you don’t care
Before I pick up my phone and text, are you there?
I long for you because you filled up my insecurities 
I Long for what you made me feel, but I lost my purities

The thoughts of you kept on chasing after me
I know we are no longer talking, but are you okay?
Farewell, I am sorry for all things I have done I want to feel free
I have untied myself; I feel unleashed; I feel relieved 

I can’t fix myself I can’t fix you
Awful is the life I have been put into
But, it is about time
Until I feel full again
Until I feel brand new

The Farewell Poem
It is been quite some time since I suddenly stopped in the middle of the street and took photos, but the sunset back then was irresistible.
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