After Effect

She experienced what it is like to be safe.
You gave her that feeling, that security.
But you don’t even know it.
If you knew, maybe you would have made some effort
Before you decide to brutally leave.
And after you had left
The feeling was stripped away from her soul
Taking plates of her skin and flesh along with it
She felt miserable and confused
That was the after effect
She realized her mistake
She wanted you back
But you refused to give her the chance
You have gone as if you have been always longing to.
“I don’t want to lose someone like you,” you said.
And that is exactly how you did the opposite of your words.
Leaving without notice.
She stopped believing in meaningful things
She stopped believing in signs and fate.
Because they all do not matter unless we create something.
We create fate.
We create our relationships.
We create our friendships.
Things don’t magically happen for us.

After Effect

You did not find what you expect of her?
Neither does she.
You came, and you wanted to leave
You wanted to talk, then remained silent, then argued a bit.
But she did take you for granted.
She was horrible.
And you were the reaction
You were not a saint.
Neither was she.
So the distance put its final word.
Sometimes she wishes she could talk with you
meet you, or be close to you.
Smell your smell or hear your voice again.
It is all gone
and even when she thought she moved on,
It struck back at her like a hammer.
Until it broke itself into her bones.
It has lost its meaning, its purpose
The after effect was no longer forceful

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