It Kills When


It kills when,

You are not happy, everything seems to fall apart.
You laugh, you feel the sadness in your heart.
You feel upset, you are devastated.
You don’t feel alive, you are losing the sense of everything around.
You can’t enjoy, you can’t move forward.
Pain becomes a part of you, Isolated from who really you are.


It kills when,

Time flys by.
You are controlled.
Life is not fair.
You are growing old.


It kills when,

you are a mess, everything around is a mess.
You are alone, you are not.
You can’t help yourself, you can’t reach out for help.
You afraid of getting lost.
Your face is pale, you can’t move your body.
You have no energy, you are exhausted.
You fear to lose. you’ve lost your passion.
You’ve lost yourself, the one you love.
Are you worried?


It kills when,

They don’t tell the truth, you lie.
You trust, no one trusts you.
People leave, you leave.
You look for something in strangers you can’t find in close ones.


It kills when,

The closest people are the ones who cause you pain.
You hurt, 
you are hurt.
You are aware, you are not.
You blame, you are blamed.
You judge, you are judged.
You are not strong, you can’t fight back.
You can’t cry, you cry, you can’t breathe.
You let go, they let go.
You become addicted to hope, hope is gone.


It kills when,

You do much and receive none.
You can’t love yourself.


Art never comes from happiness. 

Chuck Palahniuk, Choke.

Can we come back to life, is it worth it?


Does it kill to be alive sometimes? I feel you.
We are all creatures, that what we have in common, Feelings.
Life never ends, Death is temporary.

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