You Know You Are Growing Up

Growing up is a process, an experiment where you are the subject. Not in a humiliating way. Well sometimes it is, but it is meant to make you a better learner and to dig into your soul and know it better, they say.

Growing up is when you start raising your parents instead of them raising you because the process of them raising you has ended. You are fully shaped now.

Growing up is when you either have so much money in your bank account or not at all.

You will spend lots of money, checks the receipts, calculating what you have spent versus what you have in your pocket, wondering why what is left in your pocket is less than what have you calculated.

Growing up is when you are face to face with life’s struggles and challenges, no one to hide behind and no room for escape. It is either you go through them or wait for them to destruct you. It is either you win or you lose.

Growing up is when you are the one who decides and chooses, no one to decide for you, And your whole upcoming life depends on these choices, Right or wrong, it does not matter, your life will depend on them, anyway.

Growing up is when your mind focused and your life centered on the concept of having a permanent lover before it is too late, you don’t necessarily admit that but you are aware of it. You can’t get any younger.

Conversely, you might begin to wonder if you can be good enough for someone, anyway. You maybe choose to run away from the whole concept before you get hurt or hurt. Because as you are growing up, you probably have experienced heartbreaks. Dam, they hurt.

Growing up is when you slowly lose the sense of your dreams. The dreams you once had and longed to achieve when you were 12 years old have now vanished. Unable to flourish again.

Flourishing itself feels like a dream worth achieving.

Growing up is when you realize how much evil can humans be for the sake of their own benefits, It is not the world you used to see when you were a child anymore. The older you are the more you begin to know the truth behind this universe.

The universe is a beautiful word, a beautiful place, and an enormous, infinite, it can be ruined by some but never destroyed. The universe has much more power than we could ever imagine.

Growing up is when you care about your happiness and stress yourself to be a happy creature despite what is going on around you, because that what they say is healthy for you. Being happy. But the more you stress yourself into it, the sadder you become.

You realize that you are abusing yourself for the sake of joy. You are causing harm more than good.

Happiness is not a goal on its own. Let yourself be. Find the way to the beautiful things, naturally.

Growing up is knowing how much your childhood could impact how you feel now! Positively? Awesome. Negatively? They say let go, but sometimes, it is a hard task to erase the scars unless you in the way of creating new splendid memories.

Growing up is when you become into music and books more than tv and Facebook.

Watching tv makes you feel like the world is full of dishonest people and hypocrites. Media whose only concern is to brain-wash watchers and to make them blindly follow what it has to say without thinking and without putting much effort into making up their mind on their own.

Growing up definitely helps your mind grow to become like an old tree that is full of wisdom and the world’s wonders. Big upside.

Time suddenly starts going so fast, faster than you would have expected that it begins to be ahead of you, leaving you behind. 5 years gone by. You look back and feel like it was only yesterday. What did you do? What are the skills you improved in? Where did you go? Have you met new people? How did you spend those 5 years? Were they effective? How about the people around you, did they accomplish things during this period? Did you?

Seeing people even if they are strangers moving forward with their life while you are stuck in your place is one of the thoughts you are likely to have roaming around your mind during the growing up process as well. It can be toxic.

Growing up is when you begin to ask yourself “Who am I?” and you couldn’t find an answer. So you start striving for identity. To make yourself feel worthy, to feel like you are playing an important role in your community, and for when people ask you, you answer confidently: I am (someone).

But is it who you really are? Are you just an identity?

Unbalanced, Depressed, Helpless, Hopeless, Unworthy, Senseless, Broken. You may feel all these growing up, but we are our worst critics, you are better than you think.

Stage by stage, I tear apart
If brokenness is a form of art
I must be a poster child prodigy
Thread by thread I come apart
If brokenness is a work of art
Surely this must be my masterpiece.

Sleeping At past, Neptune.

It just a phase. It shall pass, All shall pass.

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