Are you expecting this post is yet another one about COVID-19? Well, you are right, but not in the way you think.

Well, COVID-19 as awful as it is, it inspired me to write this article. I know what you are thinking, how come such an unpleasant thing can inspire me?

I don’t limit my sources of inspiration to only positive ones. I am mainly inspired by tough times to make or create something good out of it.

Let’s start, The new COVID-19, CUPID-19.

Who Is CUPID Anyway?

Well according to google, Cupid (Latin Cupīdō [kʊˈpiːdoː], meaning “desire”) is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection. He is often portrayed as the son of the love goddess Venus and the god of war Mars. He is also known in Latin as Amor (“Love”).”

Let’s skip the “Desire, erotic love, affection” part let’s leave that for partners in today’s article the focus will be on the love concept, as a general term.

What If Love Spread Between People As Much As COVID-19 Did?

Most of the world’s problems will be solved in just a click, if you love someone, you will never go and kill them, if you love someone you won’t bully them if you love someone you won’t be racist towards them, if you love someone you will want them to live in peace.

and that is what the world wants, Peace!

That is how powerful is it. If we all spread love between each other without thinking of our benefits, of our goals to get more money in every way possible even if it requires pressing on people’s faces, of our diversities, of our religions and so on, we will be able to create a more peaceful environment in each part of the world.

See, they trick us into believing that diversities are the problem, being black, being Muslim, being autistic. But no, diversities are what makes humans the way they are. It is actually the lack of love, that is causing all the conflicts.

They trick us into thinking that war is necessary to achieve peace; we need to reprogram our minds, to make ourselves understand that kindness and love is the only way we can survive.

And what happens if we spread true love between each other, we will become united, we will be a single force.

See, how every part of the world is living approximately under the same circumstances now due to COVID-19, it gives us a sense of unity and relatability; we are all striving for the suffering to end.

Imagine, on a normal day, if you put yourself among the people who are suffering from war, starvation, poverty, or among other living creatures like animals who suffer from human cruelty, and even the issue with climate change that is affecting all the creatures equally, will you wish for the world to act to end it as much as it acts now to end COVID-19? I suppose your answer is yes.

Loving people and any living creatures will not only allow us to accept them the way they are but will also help us understand their suffering, put ourselves in their shoes, act and try the best we can to help them to make them live happily and safely.

That For The People But What About Ourselves?

Not to neglect ourselves here, imagine if everyone could love themselves, there would be no one to suffer from insecurities, social anxiety, confidence issues, nor doubts,

Everyone will reach their maximum potential in their life, and this also can change the world into a better place, if done right.

Okay Now we understand why I put the CUPID instead of COVID now why I kept the number 19?

What Does Number 19 Mean?

According to number 19 resembles a new beginning. “Number 9 is the last of the single-digit numbers we have in numerology. It marks the end of the single-digit numbers and the beginning of double-digit numbers. The message this number is sending is that one of your life’s aspects is about to come to an end. The beauty of it is that a new beginning is on the horizon.”

This will end, eventually, it will end, and you will have a new beginning, hopefully, a cheerful one, please make the best out of it, a good start to give up on bad habits and practice new good ones, Love yourself, love people, and spread love, don’t let a single cell of hate in your brain to win.

And if you are one who has been infected directly by the disease or has lost a close one, our hearts are with you, we all stand by your side, and I want to let you know now that you will feel better again whether mentally or physically, just take your time to recover and you will eventually get back stronger.

You see, everything can turn upside down in just a few clicks. don’t let evil win, be mindful, always be mindful.

In Conclusion

I hope this pass, not only the COVID-19 crisis but also every crisis that threatens people’s and creature’s life and preventing them from living peacefully.

To be realistic, We are on Earth not in heaven, so in my mind, I know the suffering will remain and those evil people will continue to exist, but it is no shame to at least fight against and try our best to eliminate it.

Reminiscence of Brabant Vincent van Gogh, March-April 1890.

Featured image is an oil painting by Vincent van Gogh, Reminiscence of Brabant (1890). The Painting might resemble another meaning but in my eyes, it kinda resembles the quarantine. Quiet homes with few people walking on the streets. Does it give you the same meaning?

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