10 Things I Wish I Knew About Life

My life has been a journey, and it is still continuing, no matter how good or how bad, it just will never stop, until the final day comes.

Here is a list of the 10 things I wish I knew about life, though I would like to state that I would not have known about them until I experience them myself, so as I have said life is a journey and full of experiences. Just if I knew about these things, I would not have been much surprised. 

Dreams Might Not Come True

Not long ago, I used to blame myself, call myself lazy, undetermined, and unambitious for not achieving my dream I always longed for since I was a kid. 

A few years back I bore it all, pushed myself, and tried but with no results nor improvements, I found myself running in an endless vicious circle that got me nowhere.

My mental health got affected and I could not move on. I gave up, stopped running after my dream completely.

I changed my vision to be more realistic and started to focus on more achievable goals. 

Now, whom to blame Life or ourselves for not trying hard enough?

No One To Count On

The struggles and the hard times. I expected to have people all around me supporting and encouraging but later I found out that I am standing there on my own, no one to count on but myself. and if there are people around they might only work to make the situations worse.

At that moment, I realized that I must give myself a hand and hold myself up and face all that might come. and I have to stand even taller because I am not the only one who counts on myself but also my close ones count on me.


With being with the close ones who count on me, comes great responsibilities. With being an adult comes great responsibilities. 

I have to take care of my beloved ones and my cats, at the same time I have to work hard and find ways to scale my business and improve myself internally and externally. 

It Is Not A Fairytale

I poured myself into my first love story, and in my second as well. I was obsessed with the idea of soul mates, that love is never wrong, and It is just about two people who found each other, fell in love, faced some obstacles together then they lived happily ever after. It sounded simple, but it is not in real life. I grew up to find that relationships are complicated, not sure if people made it that way or they are truly complicated by nature.

All in all, I found myself bruised and left with emptiness in my heart, but deep inside a part of me still have a hopeless hope for finding the true love story, but life is not a fairytale…

It Won’t Surprise You

When I was a kid, I always fell asleep and hoped that I woke up to a big surprise. Other times when my family planned a trip I could not fall asleep the night before because of how much excited I was, 

But now, if I don’t plan and work for surprises to happen, life won’t give me any.

Time Will Fly By So Quickly

I have discovered the after graduation 4 years passed by in just a few minutes, I was not able to catch up, because I was not aware of how fast it is.

I was taking things in a slow manner, but time flew by without any major achievements from my side.


I have become fully grown, and it is a great feeling. Now, I have my own thoughts and opinions, I am to some extent aware of what’s right and what’s wrong. I have my own life perspectives. I know what suits me and what is not, I don’t try to be anyone anymore but myself. I stopped to care so much about what people think, therefore I stopped doing things to have their approval. I learned also to be friendly with anyone, I no longer treat them the way they treat me, I treat them the way that reflects my personality. I offer help whenever and whenever I can.

Now, I am working on accepting people the way they are and their opinions, assume the positive intent until it shows otherwise, try to really smile and not to fake it, control my temper, and try to forgive, though it seems that I am failing on all of my efforts to forgive people who initially hurt me or my close ones. But forgiving is not an easy task, it sometimes takes great will and years of practice. 

People Leave & I Do As Well

People are not supposed to stay forever, They change and I do. As time goes by, I knew that when compatibly is no longer found, then there is no use for the person to stay or for me to stay, and that appeals to any kind of relationship whether between friends, family, or significant other. 

Money Is Not Everything 

Yes, I was at a point in my life where I had nothing but zero in my pocket, I didn’t even have a bank account. Back then I thought if I had the money I would have done many things, I would have been happy. 

I worked so hard until I earned my own money but only then I realized that money is not everything, it’s not a magic wand, not to underestimate the power of money as it definitely made my life easier and made me achieve my independency but as I have said it is not a magic wand, it did not make me happy.

Number 10?

I have not yet discovered point number 10 on my list, but I am sure that I will eventually know it. The more I go through life, stay tuned!

To sum up, I guess life is great, and I don’t know from where I developed that thought, it is just an instinct feeling I have in my heart, Yes life can be great and beautiful and we all deserve to enjoy it. 

Visualizing is one of the things that helps me get through, it is a great way to let the universe know about my own wishes and needs, communicating with my inner self, universe and with god is also a great way to have inner peace. 

Visualizing and communicating are two the things I used to do a lot when I was a kid, the more I grow up the more I forget or lose the sense of them, now trying to get back on track. And you reader, I hope you get back on track and if you are already on track just keep going.

How about you? What are the things you wish you knew about life? Share them in the comments below.

10 Things I Wish I Knew About Life
The road of life, not all colorful and full of flowers.

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