Sweet and Adorable

It was sweet and adorable, the memory she had and kept in her heart and mind. A kind of memory that runs in veins just like any drug does. The Addictive memory almost killed her, but she was glad she lived it, and she loved every minute of it.

It was sweet and adorable, the way she smiled, the way her heart was beating, and the way she felt shivers all over her body. It was one of those rare moments. 

It is sweet and adorable, despite how painful the memory is, but she lets it inspire her, she lets her have hope in something else, and lets her move forward. 

It is sweet and adorable, the difficulty of letting go of this memory, and the difficulty to hold on to it. Reality suddenly speaks to her, letting go, or holding on., It won’t matter, It is something from the past and it is not coming back.

It is sweet and adorable, how she cannot forget, how she strives for the memory, how she keeps rewinding the details of it in her mind, how her heart beats, and how she smiles to the thoughts of it.

It is no longer sweet and adorable, the way she is being haunted by this memory, how it breaks off her happiness, how it is chasing her wherever she goes, how it is killing her a million times every single day. She tries to reach for something she is totally aware is not there. It is hurtful.

It is still sweet and adorable, that she still believes regardless of the wounds all over her skin, she is believer, and she is a hoper.

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