The energy that flew 
It electrified the few meters between us
Positive and negative
Are naturally attracted to each other
People are charges
Same repels opposite attracts
And we differ 
No, I mean we really differ
Not just me being a woman
And you being a man
But we differ like a puzzle 
That only consists of two pieces
They are not alike whatsoever 
But, both hold different parts of the same picture
And when connected together 
You can fully see it
It is a sky
A clear, blue sky
Along with a few clouds.
Below is the ocean.
Calm waves
But you can hear them
It is nature
You and I are nature
And we are the picture 
And the puzzle
Just by the way we can both feel
These chargers I felt in my heart
And your eyes that long to land on mine
I felt all in my whole body
I saw you lost in your music
I saw the serenity in your body language
I saw the sadness in your soul
You looked like a dream come true
I felt all when you are just a few meters away
What if we are closer 
What if we hold hands
What if we look deeply into each other’s eyes
What if you are as I have imagined you
Many what-ifs, no clue.
This can not be unreal.
Feelings are deceiving yes, but I am not a fool
It did not end when you stood up 
It did not end up when you decided to leave
No, it did not end up here and now
It ended up when I knew you were not real
When I become sure that my mind just made you up
You did not exist 
You were not here
People could not see you
I was the only one who was able to notice you
My feelings did not deceive me
My mind did
It did that for the sake of my comfort 
You were not meant to stay
You were just a sign I was passing by
Asking me to move on
It was my mind, showing me you 
Asking me to let go of the past
My soul is unable to believe,
It wants to believe that it is not the truth 
What if it is the truth?
Sick psyche, Sick Genius
Or maybe 
I just gave up on finding you
So, I better believe
That you might never be
Hope will remain
Until time decides
Hope will always remain

I don’t own the photo. Original Source.
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