The Day I Smiled The Most

On December day, I have smiled the most thanks to the rain. We rarely have rainy days in Egypt and this year it rained twice so far, both times were difficult, it was heavy constant rains with powerful winds.

On the second rainy day this winter I decided to go out normally, I requested a car and once I got inside of it, I saw a few drops on the window, I asked the captain “did it rain?” He said yes. And as soon as I finished the conversation with him, it started pouring. It makes my heart happy seeing it.

I was heading to Starbucks and the street where it is located was closed and I had to end the trip and walk the rest of it.

“But you will get wet, let me find a way.” He said.

I smiled, thanked, and assured him that my destination is not so far I can do it.

I put the hoodie’s hood on top of my head. Though it was raining heavily while I was inside the car, it got weaker by the time I got outside, few drops at a time. But the wind was powerful. I walked carefully and as fast as I could.

Endless Smiles

I finally entered Starbucks, I looked at the barista with ‘I survived’ written on my face. She looked at me and smiled and I smiled back.

I sit on the table near the door, and as soon as I sit the rain got so heavy again and things were thrown away outside because of the wind. Two girls were about to leave but they hesitated and stayed inside instead they looked and me and smiled, I smiled back.

They went back upstairs, and people, on the other hand, kept floating inside the coffee shop, with I survived written on their faces, they looked at me with a smile on their faces and I smiled back every time.

A guy came inside wearing his hood on top of his head, he entered and looked at me but hesitated, not knowing whether if he should smile because I was having a phone call, but I kept looking at him during the second while he was removing his hood he saw me smiling at him. Finally, he smiled back, and it was one of the most gorgeous smiles I have ever seen, thanks rain!

The two girls got back again from upstairs and stood in front of the door watching the rain, they spontaneously left their belongings with me, iPhone, earphones, jacket and decided to go and play under the rain, they were laughing outside as I was watching them with also a smile on my face.

When it rains in Egypt, it somehow brought people together, unites them in a way. And while I sit there, I smiled that day to strangers more than I have ever had as far as I can remember; I felt very good vibes and positive charges in my veins. 

Why You Should Smile Often?

Once you smile to someone, you can never regret it.

And the impact of it on your mind and heart is authentic, very warming to one’s heart and calming to one’s mind.

“Smiling in the face of your brother is charity … and pouring out from your bucket into your brother’s bucket is charity.” 

The Prophet Muhammad, peace upon him.

It literally has the same effect as if you help someone or as if you volunteer to help ease hardship from people’s lives, yet smiling is much easier. It requires zero effort, and God rewards you for it.

So smiling is magical. 

Unfortunately, people find it difficult to smile as they define it as vulnerability.

They most of the time prefer to put their serious faces on “including me” because smiling is often mistaken for silliness or naiveness.

But, I will still forever be grateful for that rainy day, because it made it an excellent reason to smile to strangers without feeling awkward, nor naïve.

All in all, try to keep on smiling, or whenever you can.

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