The Trees

A forest consists of giant trees, I can not see the end of them nor the beginning. All that I am able to see is what is visible to me, These trees hide so many secrets which I will never perceive.

And the forest is my land, I have only discovered it recently, my soul guided me to it telling me this land is for you and no one else’s. Throughout the past few years, I have always walked there discovering new kinds of trees, they are all the same but they are all different. Their appearance is almost identical but my feeling of them is not.

Déjà vu.

The Sky and the ground are containing the forest including me. The wind and the rain are controlling the atmosphere, sometimes storms, and sometimes heavy rains, myself included. But the Sun does shine and the soft breeze hits my skin and the surrounding trees, but only temporarily until the storm hits us again.

I have tried to protect the trees from the harsh weather conditions, but it was too late for me to realize that they did not need any type of protectiveness, I did.

They are scratched, their leaves are constantly falling, but they are standing tall and still, they are unbreakable. On the other hand, I fell, I was wounded and I got broken.

Are those trees are failing to protect me?

Or are they only shields that are already protecting me from something that is even worse behind the scene?

Whatever of what is behind the scene, I wanted to experience it with them, good or evil, I did not care, I have always wanted to stand by their side, but they never let me.

The forest is like the real world where evil and goodness present, therefore bad trees, and good ones.

Some trees slapped me with one of their branches and threw me up and away. I hit the ground and eventually, every part of me started to ache. My body, my mind, and my soul.

Others contained me, showed me love and affection, they were a mirror that revealed to me who I truly am.

There are trees which I don’t see them eye to eye in the forest, but they only exist in my dreams, they come and visit me when I fall asleep.

So, I liked some, I hated others but I fell in love with one.

That one golden tree with its carved mark. It locates in a sacred chapel in the forest, It used to smile to me whenever it saw me coming. I used to smile back. The golden tree was always gentle and it surprised me that it knew me well without me even saying a single word.

I fell in love.

Unfortuanlty, I could not stay beside it for long, a strong storm swiped me away, and a heavy rain blurred the sight followed by a strong fog that blocked my vision. I walked a mile after mile, but I could not find it again, sometimes I see it in the horizon I run to it, but only soon after I have realized that it was only a mirage.

A Mirage.

Sitting now in the middle of nowhere. Wet ground and windy weather, meeting up with a tree after tree. Trying to find the golden one in them, but could not find it.


For how long I will be walking in this forest?

My soul stops me: It is your place, and your land. you will never get away, because I belong there, and you will settle to one tree forever someday. But I am just gonna develop my own way instead of settling to the unsettled trees.

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