The Mark

Have you ever cut yourself accidentally and as time goes by you realized that the scare the wound has left on your skin never goes away?

People with birthmarks (Like me) are aware that they will have this carved in their body forever.

Those Marks are visual to us and sometimes to people, Some actually do some kind of surgeries and skin laser thing to remove them.

but what about those which can not be erased, the ones which are carved in our souls?

Marks and scars are not only something we can see with our own eyes, but they also can be something we feel by our hearts and a thought in our minds that never goes away.

No matter how much time passed, no matter how busy is the life we are living. we will always feel those marks that different events and different humans left on us. But the thing is that we can never see them with our own eyes, that also means that people around us will never see them either. Only ourselves, only when we look inside of ourselves, we will be able to feel them with our souls, and see them in our daydreams.

Is your mark sweet, painful, or a combination of both?

It is a perfect Marc.

Perfection does not mean a straight-up black nor a straight-up white. It could mean black with white dots. big and small, many or few. on the other hand, it could mean white with black dots. big and small, many or few.

Black and white which one is good and which is evil? which one will impact us negatively and which will impact us positively. Since both options of perfection have black and white in them, it is up to us or up to life to determine which one we will have. the one with the most black or the one with the most white.

Personally, I have so many marks (seen and unseen, black and white), but there is one mark that is distinctive from the others. that would pop up in my mind whenever I thought I forget about it and which can make my heart beats faster whenever I feel its effect on my soul.

And no this mark did not go away.

Time heals. They said.

To clarify, Time may heal our wounds, but it is unable to eliminate the mark these wounds left, especially if it is a sweet mark that always reminds us of some of the best memories we have lived.

Time will help you forget. They said

No one is unable to forget the most remarkable or the most distractive events in their lives. Unless we hit our brains so hard that we lost our memory as a result.

We might forget what we had for dinner last week, we might forget the name of a client whom we barely see at work. but we will never forget our birthdays, the day of marriage nor the day when we lost someone forever.

No, time is unable to make us forget. Our minds will continue storing as many things or to be precise it will store the memories of the most impactful events in our life as it can for an X amount of time without getting tired, without getting bored.

And my mark will likely stay forever, it is a different one. Because it has no closure. Hopefully, it will never have one.

Occasionally, The mark I own drives tears to my eyes, make feel nostalgic about its memories. wishing that they would have lasted longer, wishing I could have enjoyed every second of it more than I did, wishing I could go back in time and pause to embrace the moment, and to pray it would have lasted forever.

Nothing is infinite.

And if time had to do anything with this mark, it only showed me how powerful it is, as time goes by, it gets stronger.

Not Bothered.

That is only proof of how real it is. No matter how strong or how hurtful, I am blessed to feel something that is real.

At least for me.

And if I ever wanted to say something to this Mark, I would say:

I miss your memories. I am aware that I can not relive them, I am also aware that I will likely not be able to live new ones in the future, but at least I always design new ones in my daydreams. I enjoyed them, it helps to cope with you in my reality.

You have changed me, not sure if it was a positive or a negative change but it was crucial to go through the tough phase before you formed in my soul because it was not just a phase, it was a life-changing period, that transforms me from the inside, people around might have noticed the change others might have not, but I am sure that I am not the same as I was before.

I want to thank you, thanks for living within me, thanks for being beside me, you might ache a little bit here and there, but I am able to bear the pain now, thanks for being so sweet and so loving.

I will keep you forever because you are becoming every part of my soul. I am in love with you and your memories give me butterflies. 🦋

Best Wishes,

How can we deal with this type of Marks, the sweet ones?

The ones which we are obsessed with, they will either work out in our favor or destroy us as a result.  

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