Christopher (Every Beautiful Thing)

Artists and writers sometimes name their songs and books after a guy’s or a girl’s name. So when I found the perfect name, I thought I would do the same.


It is more than just a name, a word, a meaning, or a feeling. It is a combination of the many things we have to see to believe. and as perfect as it sounds to my ear, it is perfection or at least something I rarely see.

Christopher is a shelter that won’t collapse on you if a tsunami hits your shore. It is your secret guard who comes to your rescue in the dark nights, you wonder if God letting his angel out to protect you?

It will choose you for a hundred times before it chooses itself.

If you want to run or hide, Christopher will be there, holding the burdens of the world on its shoulders, but it will never let you feel the weight.

It is the ultimate source of inspiration, one word from is enough to inspire you to write a full book, and listening to its experiences makes you wonder how it could be possible to be that powerful in life where everything and everyone seem selfish and choose themselves and their benefits over anything, sometimes over people’s lives.

Christopher has a superpower, It is not flying, nor knowing the future, nor expanding, nor running by the speed of light, nor reading people’s minds, but it is the ability to forgive. Forgive, not for the sake of the ones who intentionally diminished it, but it is for the sake of peace, inner peace.

You were hurt, you wanted your revenge; you took it. you felt the pleasure of taking your revenge but then this pleasure vanished by the time you realized that you are as evil as the people who destroyed you. You realized your low abilities of forgiveness.

Christopher is on the opposite side; it believes that taking revenge is not something to be bothered about spending time and effort on. It does not make you grow and be more thoughtful; only forgiveness can.

It could be a man, a woman or a soul, A soul that does not have an evil side, does not hold any type of grudge and it is always in peace with itself. It is a soul that loves and knows how to love.

Love is a beautiful thing that often comes with great pain, but love would not be painful if we let it go. These are the things Christopher would teach you, its lessons are not movie quoted nor hold the concept of happily ever after, instead, its lessons reflect reality and its visions will ease your day to day life.

Christopher is the Excavator that digs inside to bring the best in you, make you hold on to it, and go forward with it.

It purses the power of oneself and the capability of all humans on earth to become one, to change people’s lives, and to change the world.

Cliche. No one can change the world, Christopher! We will only change it in our virtual world, where we can be easily anything we want to be.

You will never know the true potential of yourselves. Christopher Said.

Christopher is a crane that helps you build yourself piece by piece, day by day. In no time, you will be fully grown up, but the crane will move to different locations and for different people to help them in their building process.

It will help you become a better person, but only if you allow it and choose it. Christopher won’t impact you if you don’t let it be.

But Christopher, Humans lost the ability to choose, they are fooled they are blind; they are brain-washed and they no longer know what is right and what is wrong.

Because they let themselves be controlled, nothing to blame them for. but if there are people who are willing to help even if they are a few, they will surely work on erasing any filters that are making those humans lose the ability to see clearly. Christopher said.

Christopher is the station your train of life will stop by. It will help get a grip on your present, understand the wisdom of your past, and have a clear vision of your future.

But your train will take off any minute now. You must get inside again, say goodbye to this station, and continue your life. Hoping to meet again.

It is a temporary world where nothing lasts forever, but at least knowing something great exists in our life is the true blessing and relief. Temporary or permanent, it should not matter.

Life itself is a temporary journey; we can’t force it to last forever.

Why complaining about why things don’t last forever while we ourselves are not going to?

Christopher is a kiss on your forehead which makes you feel appreciated; It is a hug that feels like no other place but a safe home.

or shelter, remember?

It is purely God’s craft, and my ideal universe that does not exist but I might have been fortunate enough to see a glimpse of it in someone.

This is my Christopher, what’s yours?

In case you were looking for it and could not find it. It is maybe buried deep inside of you, waiting for you to search for it.

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  • Christopher
    March 18, 2019 at 9:00 pm

    Hi Sam,

    A kiss to your forehead. I am truly at a loss for words after reading your blog. You have talent to make ppl feel what your words are saying. I am truly humbled & flattered by you. You are deep of thought. I have enjoyed reading your words. I am already looking forward to next month.


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