Being no.50

Life is like an anime series, the fights get tougher with every season, the level of difficulty increases as you progress, but as a result, the anime characters also get stronger, they develop physically and mentally in order to match up with the hardship they face.

Except she is nowhere close to these anime characters. As life shows its sharp teeth, she gets weaker and mentally drained. She fell into the trap of bad habits in order to cope. She even might fall for the same mistake over and over again.

The only thing that is common between her and the anime characters is the ability to smile despite the hardships.

Yet, she still keeps falling for the same narcissistic traps, despite that she can now acknowledge them, she got no other choice but to follow along; she let her guards down to the only person she felt safe with. “I will let you open up someday,” he said. But where is he now? He lit up a fire inside her, only to vanish like a cloud of smoke that only left a burning sensation along her heart line.

Will she be able to grow mentally and physically like the anime characters she desires? Maybe…

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