Being no.51

Life goes on.

The most cliche saying ever, yet the most accurate.

We might feel like that life has stopped for us, so we subconsciously hit pause, because we can’t keep up with the pace of life, but that does not stop us from aging. And this is all part of living.

Hitting pause or play, we are living either way, feeling our emotions from inside our body, thoughts which are generated from our brain factory all working during the pause time and it is part of living, there is no wasting of time, nor the days, nor the years.

The real challenge is to hit play again, resuming life with the same enthusiasm and energy we had as kids.

I wish I was not feeling so dead because I have passed the point of just hitting the play button. I need to get back to life. The device is broken, it needs some tremendous fixing, now it is at risk of a serious blackout.

The voltage was not suitable; it was more than the device could handle, yet it was trying, passing out but trying to play a good anthem, but for now, it is pausing; it is resting; it needs fixing.

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