When Does Life Begin?

Technically, life begins when we let out our first cry, screaming loudly into the world.

But technical theories aren’t accurate when it comes to our feelings, emotions, and the life events we experience.

When does life begin? Is a question that can have many answers. They differ from one single individual to another.

And it can begin, then end, then begin again multiple times in our lives.

It doesn’t end by death; it doesn’t begin by birth.

When Does Life Begin?

When Does Life Begin?

It was when I first fell in love, when I first experienced that feeling in my chest. I don’t remember I have ever felt something like it before. Life began when I looked into her eyes and see the universe all in these little two tiny circles.

It was when my dream finally came true. I felt alive; I felt capable; I felt like a human being who can dream and achieve.

It was when I graduated, all these years finally paid off, the hard work, the late nights without sleep. Finally, I am free and I can begin my life, my career, and pursue the things I want to achieve.

It was when I got accepted in my dream job; I did nothing but always improve myself and level up my skills in order to be worthy of that position and I made it.

It was when I let go of my fears and my worries. Life began when I started to live in the moment. I sensed the value of the present. I sensed how much I could make the best of my time; I felt in control and at peace.

It was when I started to read the first page of a book, entering a new life, a new world through the words. Through the words, I was able to witness others and get into the details of their lives, thoughts, and feelings. I cried when they cried; I laughed when they did.

Life began when I let go of a toxic relationship. I felt like a heavy rock has been lifted off my chest; I was carrying all that weight all by myself without realizing it, but I finally took the first breath of life when I collected all of my strength to let it all go.

Life began when I touched his hand for the first time, a pump of oxygen was inserted directly into my veins and I felt alive like I have never lived before.

It was when I heard the first cry of my baby. I felt that my heart was no longer inside my chest; it was outside of me in the flesh. I could touch it, I could feel it. And I came to know that the more I keep it healthy throughout the years as it grows, the more flourished I would become.

It was when my phone fell from the third floor. I lived without it for a few days. I started to see life through my own eyes with no distraction no unnecessary data embedded into my brain. It’s simpler than I thought.

Technically, on day one it begins, but for her, it began at 26, for him it began at 34, for some at 50, for others at 65.

Life Begins Through The Moments

Sometimes age is not in the equation. Life may begin and end in a single day, as we not only can attach it to a big event but also to the simplest moments.

I feel alive when I laugh so hard that tears start to stream down my face. Somehow, I feel like the time stops at that very moment and I feel younger than ever.

Right after when I open my eyes in the morning, a new beginning, a new day opens its doors to me.

Life begins when we feel alive from deep inside of our hearts and from every brain cell and through the blood that constantly runs in our veins.

The body is yes functioning, but when life truly begins, the soul dances to the lullaby of the sweat taste of living.

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