How I Read 10 Books From Prologues To Conclusions In Only One Month

I love books, and I love reading them. Who does not?

I have been always a regular reader with times off in between; I was semi-consistent.

At first, I used to purchase physical books either online or from the nearest bookstore, but I faced three problems:

A. Being a minimalist, I don’t like to belong to so many things. Books are sentimental, so selling them or giving them away is difficult.

B. I don’t have enough space at home.

C. Too expensive, because despite the fact that Arabic is my native language, I find myself more drawn to English books. English books in Egypt are so expensive and sometimes I have to purchase them online from if I can’t find them here, so that makes the process not only expensive but long since I wait several weeks for the order to reach me.

So the above reasons were discouraging me from buying the books I really wanted, but I did not like myself without reading, so I made the switch because I knew that there are many astounding Arabic books out there, so I have purchased some, I read them and enjoyed few, but the urge in me to go back to English books was strong.

As a side story. My dad suddenly called me and said, “You told me you wanted an iPad?”

“Who, me? I did not tell you anything,” I said.

“Okay, let’s go and get you one,” he said.

I never talked with my dad about wanting an iPad or anything, but I welcomed the idea and did not say no. I loved the iPad and started to use it for everything, especially since I was not owning a smart online at that time.

After a few years and as my business started growing, I purchased a smartphone along with a new laptop and totally abandoned my iPad.

As I was contemplating how can I make reading books easier and cheaper, my thoughts came to my iPad, I ran searching for it, removed all the dust on it, and downloaded the kindle app.

Now, millions of books were under my thumb and only one click away, and with kindle unlimited, I literally can download lots of books with only 9 USD a month.

I was so encouraged I read in 3 months as many books as I read in my lifetime, but slowly life got in the way, as being busy along with facing many challenges and my mental health was deteriorating and with my cat just throwing my iPad off the shelf and the spider screen was all I could see.

I stopped reading again, and I hated it.

I spend lots of months without reading. Only articles online or physical books here and there, all of this time I was seeing people all over social media sharing the list of books they read, some read one 30 books in one month, yes Ahmed Sabry, I’m referring to you, and another read 82 books in one year, yes Mark Manson that is you.

I was so inspired by them, but I needed a more sustainable way to read books. One day, I was scrolling through TikTok and I came across one of Ali Khalid‘s videos.

He said that he hated reading, but he knew that the information in books will help him along with his career; he said that I listen to books instead.

All these pastimes, I was seeing the audio version of books on Amazon, but I never gave it a thought, but as soon as he said it, he lightened a bulb inside my head, and I welcomed the idea very much, I thought probably yes that is the solution.

I went on the same day and downloaded the Audible app, the same as kindle unlimited. It has a subscription that you can read as many books as you want was at a hefty price.

The first book Ali Khaled recommended was Atomic Habits by James Clear. it was a good first choice because it taught me not only how to create a new good habit but also be consistent with it, and my very first habit I applied James clear’s rules was reading books or in that case listening.

I managed to read 10 books in only one month. Not only does audible make it faster, but also flexible. I can listen to books anywhere, while working (when the tasks do not require that much mental effort), or going for a walk.

I can also pause and make notes to get back to them whenever I need. Making notes is not as easy as making them on kindle app or physical books, but that was fine by me,

Here is the list of books I read:

1- Atomic Habits By James Clear

2- The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck By Mark Manson

3- The Queen’s Gambit By Walter Tevis

4- The Power Of Self Compassion By Laurie Cameron

5- When You Find Me By P. J. Vernon

6- When You Finish Saving The World By Jesse Eisenberg

7- How To Own Your Mind By Napoleon Hill

8- Last Girl Gone By J. G. Hetherton

9- The Compound Effect By Darren Hardy

10- Peace Is Every Step By Thich Nhat Hanh

What about you? What is your favorite way to read your books? Are you more of a sit-down with a book kind of person or you don’t mind listening to it on the go?

How I Read 10 Books From Prologues To Conclusions In Only One Month

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